Sunhaven Farms

Our Story

Many of our family farms are multi-generational, where the hog farm represents a vital part of a diverse operation, allowing for up to four generations to live and work together on the land.


To maintain the quality standards set out by our vision, we control every step of the process from growing and procuring the grain, to milling the feed, to recycling the manure nutrients on a large land base as part of an environmentally friendly, sustainable farming system. This is all part of our commitment to responsible stewardship of our resources.

Creating a New Standard of Excellence in Fresh Pork Products



At Sunhaven Farms we are committed to...


We are Alberta family farms with a tradition dating back to 1908. Our farms operate under the highest standards for environmental stewardship, animal welfare and food safety.


SUNHAVEN FARMS pork is an exceptional eating experience. Our proprietary SUNHAVEN hog is based on Canadian genetic lines and was developed to ensure consistently great taste. High quality SUNHAVEN FARMS hogs are fed a customized diet from our very own feed mills, consisting of a healthy blend of feed grains and plant proteins.


The natural goodness of SUNHAVEN FARMS pork comes from our high standards for our market hogs, which are free of antibiotics and growth promotants every time. As part of our commitment to safety, SUNHAVEN FARMS does not use animal by-products in our market hog rations.


SUNHAVEN FARMS pork is quality assured from farm to table through accredited, internationally recognized Quality Assurance programs. Only the best cuts of SUNHAVEN FARMS pork, that meets exacting criteria for size colour and marbling, are selected for you.


For people who care where their food comes from, SUNHAVEN FARMS pork is completely traceable.