Sunhaven Farms

Quality Ingredients & Quality Assurance

The Finest Prairie Grains Processed in Our Own Mills. Our feeding program is based on dedicated, single species feed mills that serve only our farms. This closed system allows us to ensure exact control over feed ingredients and provide trace-back capabilities.

Since our dedicated mills only produce feed for our own farms, and only for our own pigs, we avoid the risk of accidental contamination of feeds with unwanted medications of feed ingredients; an assurance that is not possible in a commercial multi-species mill.

Our feed grains are produced by our partner farms or produced from other local farm operations. Those quality prairie grains are processed in our mills and then shipped to our hogs with our own trucks.

Pork Production

Naturally Fed Pork of Unparalleled Quality. We recognize that everything we do in production and processing affects the product you take home. That's why our entire program emphasizes animal welfare, pork quality and food safely.

We employ the very best in feed ingredients, swine genetics and production practices. Our market hogs are fed a grain based finishing diet.

We do not use antibiotics as feed additives or growth promotants in any finishing diet. Our high health stock and management program eliminates the need for antibiotics in our market animals.

Our farms follow a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures that cover animal husbandry and medication use as part of a Canadian Quality Assurance certified production system. SUNHAVEN FARMS have developed a trace-back system that assures our pork was produced on our farms using our feeding and management program. Daily sharing of animal health and meat quality information allows us to guarantee our exceptional product quality.

Tailored Canadian Swine Genetics:
A common pool of superior swine genetics, tailored to meet specific market requirements. The SUNHAVEN swine breeding program makes use of the very best Canadian genetic lines available to develop a proprietary pork product.

A commitment to ongoing research and development:
SUNHAVEN FARMS is dedicated to continual improvements in the areas of product quality, food safety, animal welfare and environmental stewardship. World class in-house research scientists are part of our management team, allowing us to test and improve our production practices every day.

Sustainable Agriculture

A Commitment to Responsible Environmental Stewardship Of Our Natural Resources

Generations of living from the land has taught us the importance of sustainable farming systems. As stewards of the land we are committed to farming practices that enhance the resources we have been given in preparation for future generations.

Our hog farms represent the critical link that allows us to complete a sustainable food production cycle. Here we grow and harvest the feed grains that form the basis of our hog rations. Our prairie grain based diets allow us to grow the highest quality hogs. The manure from our hog farms is recycled on a large land base providing nutrients for a new crop and the beginnings of another production cycle.